Special Event Security

Our Special Event Security Services
Allow Events to Go Off without a Hitch.

Festivals, sports activities and music events can provide a fun, memorable experience for groups ranging from a few dozen to tens of thousands.

But some of the same qualities that make such events “special” can also make for major logistical headaches and potentially expensive liabilities. To name just a few of the most common security concerns, there are personal safety of guests, perimeter security, use of alcohol and controlled substances and other issues.

At Top of the Clock, providing special event security is not an afterthought or a stretch assignment; it’s actually how we got our start more than 20 years ago. Over the years, we’ve added a variety of technology solutions and other security best practices — but our fundamental commitment to our clients has never wavered.

  • Event Security Planning — We map out every aspect of special event security, using a proprietary questionnaire and process that allows us to support event goals with implementation details and coordination
  • Holistic Security Planning — We use a methodical approach to coordinate with emergency services providers, police and any other entities
  • Tech-Savvy Communication — Our personnel are equipped with state-of-the-art communication tools, and remain in radio synch with each other throughout each event
  • Thoroughly Trained Personnel — Our guards are not only completely trained in special event security, they are also fully licensed and insured (and can be bonded if needed)
  • Season-Long Protection — We offer cost-saving contracts that allow clients to arrange for high quality security throughout their event season

To learn more about our unique approach to delivering security services, please contact us today.

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