Safety Support Services

Our Professional Security Services
Offer More than Meets the Eye.

In many situations, providing professional security services means not looking like the traditional security guards. In fact, we have many clients who rely on Top of the Clock precisely because we can provide guards who aren’t wearing a standard security uniform. As a result, the client gets the benefits of having a fully-trained security guard on their premises, without any concerns or negative connotations that such a presence might create.

Our professional security services are designed so that the guards from our organization blend in with the rest of our client’s staff. Whether they’re positioned as security concierges, facility staff or other roles, and whether they wear a casual golf shirt or the client’s own staff uniform, their impact is the same: a friendly, helpful, assertive presence — and an extension of the client’s identity, brand or core values. Our personnel are:

  • Discreet — Security guards dressed in casual sportswear or in your own staff uniform
  • Quality — All guards are drug-tested, prompt, professional, efficient, responsive and fully trained
  • Consistent — Our staff turnover is lower than the industry average
  • Responsive — Our streamlined business model allows us to respond to most client concerns in less than 1 hour
  • Tech-Savvy — Electronic reporting with barcode scan check-in technology
  • Accountable — A supervisor is on duty on every shift, 24/7/365

To learn more about our unique approach to delivering security services, please contact us today.

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