Case Study

The Customer: Outdoor Special Event Venue

A nonprofit corporation organized exclusively for the benefit of the City of Philadelphia and its citizens. The venue is home to Welcome America festivities, summer concert series, and various events throughout the summer season. The need:  Security Guards who serve as rovers and man fixed posts for high profile and highly visible events. The security […]

The Customer: Community based clinics that provide preventive, chronic and episodic care services patients that do not have the ability to pay for health services.

The need:  Security guards and a comprehensive security program with a focus on de-escalation techniques and customer service. The Solution: Top of the Clock created standard operating procedures and staffed the clinics with guards who are trained and focused on protection that incorporates de-escalation techniques.  The guards are trained to be interactive and provide a […]

The Customer: The Nations 4th Largest Housing Authority

Established in 1937 the Philadelphia Housing Authority is the largest landlord in Pennsylvania.  The Authority develops, acquires, leases and operates affordable housing for city residents with limited incomes.  The Authority houses about 81,000 people and employs 1,406 with funding that comes primarily from the federal government the Authority works in partnership with the city and […]

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